COMS201 Fall 2011

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Lecture 2

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What forms of non-verbal communication do you feel are most important?

Have you ever needed to clarify your non-verbal communication for someone, and if so, why?

What types of inter-cultural differences have you experienced in terms of the use of non-verbal communication?

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Lesson 1

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Thanks for the great class on Saturday. We will hopefully continue to build a solid sense of community and academic interaction as the term progresses. You should have all received an email invitation for the Blog, and I encourage you to take a look at what some of your colleagues have already posted (Much appreciated –  to those that have posted comments already!)

Just as a reminder:

Lecture 1 – Intro & Models

– Course Reader Chapter 1 (2-17)

Lecture 2 – Non-verbal

– Course Reader Chapter 5 (94-113)


I would like to pose the following questions to you:


1. What form of communication do you use most each day?

2. Do you think you are an effective communicator?

3. Which is most important in your day to day interactions with other people? Digital, verbal, textual, or non-verbal communication?

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Welcome to COMS201 Blog

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Course Description


An introduction to the major theoretical traditions in the field of communication studies covering areas such as: rhetoric, mass media, interpersonal communication, critical theory, science technology and society, and feminist theory.



Objectives of the Course


At the end of this course you should be able to:


  1. Identify the key concepts of the communication theories covered in the course reading material


  1. Compare and contrast communication theories based on key concepts


  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical concepts by applying them to a social context or media text