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Thanks for the great class!

Please let me know what you thought about the blog and twitter.

Were they useful?

How could they be used better?



  1. orkhan.suleymanov:

    In my opinion twitter is the best for learning extra with links and sharing as well. Of course, it helps to know your classmates personally. Blog’s questions are so interesting and show me ways how to start and learn the lesson. Making the blog and twitter together might be much more better:) Thanks for everything…:) Good Luck 🙂

  2. Mark P:

    Yes, they were delightful. They were good ways to apply what we learned in class. Plus, hey, I’m not gonna complain about free marks.

  3. yamna:

    it was useful, i think if not anything they were just free marks.

  4. CaitlinSimpson:

    They were useful as that class was only once a week and both resources allowed us to think about topics outside of our little Saturday bubble.
    Thanks 🙂

  5. Arkady Eidelberg:

    I think the blog and the twitter were very usfull! Apart from being a ‘practice’ in real world ‘communication’, I have read alot of interesting information (mostly vidioes, I’ll admit) that were relevant to communication on the twitter site.

  6. Duy:

    I’m not a huge fan of Twitter, as I’m more wordy than the 140 character restriction will allow, however the blog offered a nice complement because of that. It was interesting and relevent to incorporate contemporary social media devices in the class. Since I’m not the most technologically savvy, a quick Twitter tutorial would’ve been really useful. Still not a hundred percent sure about the “#” trending thing…

  7. Bartholomew Allan:

    The blogging and twitter assignment were great additions to this class. It is refreshing to see social media being used as a method to extend communications studies, because in the coming years, I believe social media or ‘New Media’ will become increasingly important in the field of communication studies. Kudos to Chase for getting us involved in the use of Social Media!

  8. vincents2:

    I have not use Twittwer before as none of my social circle back in my hometown use it. (We mainly use Facebook) This is the first time I try out because of the course.
    As a communication course, it is important for us to try out new communication platform specially those on the internet. Apart from the content of the bolg and twitter, I think most importantly encourage us to try out new form of media. As Mcluhan said, “Medium is the message”.

  9. Jordan:

    For only having a class once a week, I found these blog and twitter options great to keep me thinking and into communications all week. I never found myself entering a saturday class clueless of what happened the week before…. except for one time, but I blame that on the friday night before…..

  10. Jing Jing Yang:

    I can tell they are so useful, especially for this once a week kind of class. It’s a effective way keep touch and communicate with classmates and professor, and also forces to us notice the relative thing happen in Communication area. Obviously, it’s a great opportunity to jack our grades as well.

    For suggestion, I just got a good one. Because this is communication class, we might need more chance to communicate and share opinion with each others. We can arrange a certain topic to discuss in a certain time on blog or twitter, is like a small workshop but is online. That can make sure everyone have chance to interact with each other and it may get a different effect.

  11. Crystal She:

    I really enjoyed the use of twitter, I love sharing information I have found around the web to other people. Also I think it was a great way for us to communicate to you in a not so formal matter. I was really interested in what my classmates had to say. Also I really enjoyed the blog as well, even though I started fairly late it was interesting to see more in depth responses to how they viewed the lecture in class. Also I just love social media.

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