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Lecture 10

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Will we ever create a machine that will be able to communicate with humans in a human manner? Or is human communication beyond technology?

Has our definition of what “human” is changed because of advancements in cybernetics?


  1. orkhan.suleymanov:

    This chapter is so interesting for me. And the questions as well. So, in my opinion, we can not create like that machines which can communicate with humans in human manner.. Because, a human is the ‘tool’ which have to explain something to a machine and then a machine can do some operations. I mean, for example, Osaka University created new robot the ‘Geminoid-TMF’, which is like a real girl, but still it needs to be controlled by a human. And also i think Artificial Intelligence of the machines can not be the same as humans’ intelligence level. We do not even know some functions of our brain now,how can we create like that machines?:) so, in my point of view, it is imposible.

  2. KelseyMcCay:

    I dont think it is possible to create a machine that can communicate in a human manner. Being human is the ability to feel emotions. To create a machine that feels emotions, you would just have to program it to act a certain way in reaction to certain stressors but it wouldnt have the ability to take offense to something a human said or get angry or happy or embarrassed. The manner in which humans interact is much more complex than a machine would be able to. Take into consideration all the non-verbal communication that we use. There is so much more going on in the human brain than we really know about.

    I think our definition of what “human” is has changed because of advancements in cybernetics and I think it will continue to change with the changes in technology and other discoveries. It is a definition that has been evolving since the beginning of time. For instance, if we were to discover alien life, the definition of what human is would change again.

  3. Evangelos Lambrinoudis:

    I would contend that by definition we rule out the desire to create such a machine for some basic understand of our own humanity… I’ll elaborate… Human beings make machines in our likeness but not one or a group of human beings could truly capture or understand the full picture of what humanity is or is not.
    I imagine that with robotics, advanced biology and AI there will likely be some seriously amazing human-esque thinking machines or animals developed but humanity is also egoist and would never create something as an equal or equal in humanity… We make things in order to undertand ourselves, to serve us and make our lives better. Think about our whole Biblical christian relationshop with God? The likeness never matches the inferiority…

    The definition of humanity hasnt changed but i think cybernetics is a well needed reality check that proves we are biological animalas of this planet as much as we are astral overlords… We can be simplified and reduced to a lowest common denominator that is identifiable with every other living and non living process on this planet… This idea is radical to most religious but it is the contemporary mode of reality which we exist.

  4. Arkady Eidelberg:

    Whenever someone talks about communication to machines, I always think of this vidio, of how google search has advanced in the last 10 years or so:

    This in fact, is pretty amazing – if you think of it in terms of what we learned in class, you can think of the “content the user wants to search for” as the message sent, the way the user enters the text (or picture, video and other stuff nowadays) into the google search bar, as the human-machine communication and the displayed result as sort of ‘what the machine understood you want’. I think that even in our days, the amount of ‘noise’, the margin of error in google’s display, is very low. Basically, you usually find whatever you search on google…

  5. Jordan:

    I don’t believe it is possible to create a machine to that can completely communicate with humans because humans have the ability to reason and think with feeling. I don’t believe it will ever be possible to have a machine capable of making a decision based on feeling which is what I find most decisions or communication is all about.

  6. Bartholomew Allan:

    In the near future I think we will see some major advances in the understanding of the human processes of reasoning and thought; and while I believe we have already gotten very close to designing machines and computers which mimic the human condition and recreate human communication. I think ultimately we will never be able to reproduce the irrational nature of human feeling. It is the one thing that will continue to define humans as who they are.

  7. Alva pailer:

    Machines will never communicate as humans do because most of human communication is not the transmission of a message but of a tone, mood, or attitude. This is shown through body language, volume and personal space, tools that machines simply don’t have.

    My first reaction is to say that humans are humans and machines are machines. but given advancements like prosthesis and steel components to repair joints… I have to say that we are leaning towards an expanded meaning

  8. yamna:

    Will we ever create a machine that will be able to communicate with humans in a human manner? Or is human communication beyond technology?
    its CAN be possible, however not all the attributes can be in this technology that a human posses for example on of the biggest hurdle for them would be the ability to put emotions and comparison in the robot(for better words) because those are something the developed over time it cant be given to something.

  9. CaitlinSimpson:

    this correlates directly with a philosophy class I am taking. We can never create a machine that will be able to do evertyhing and human can because it will not be able to understand. It can take in information and spit it back out based on how we programmed it, but, it can never understand what exactly it is doing.
    Humans have the capacity to understand meaning and assign it. Machine have it programmed into them.

  10. Kadie:

    Will we ever create a machine that will be able to communicate with humans in a human manner? Or is human communication beyond technology?

    I really believe that human communication is way beyond technology. Yes, the world is becoming very technologically advanced with the talking iphones, and GPS, etc. However a piece of technology will never possess the human qualities in humans like all the non-verbal communication we use.

  11. Jordan:

    I do believe a machine will be able to understand in the future. Yes we do program it, but I feel that in the future with the use of variables a machine will be able to make choices based on a scenario and its surroundings.

  12. Kanza Anjum:

    I don’t think that we can ever create a machine that will be able to communicate with humans in a human manner. Human communication is beyond technology. Even if we can program that machine with basic human communication techniques but we can never program emotions, moods or attitude.
    and I don’t think that definition of “human” can ever change.

  13. Crystal She:

    Will we ever create a machine that will be able to communicate with humans in a human manner? Or is human communication beyond technology?
    I don’t think we ever will because humans go through so many different emotions and sometimes the emotions are extreme. I don’t want to see a robot crying or having temper tantrums. Maybe I don’t believe that technology is beyond human communication because if it was I would be scared to live on the world. If a robot was able to communicate emotions then it could end up falling in love with a real human and the reproduction process would all change and become awkward. Also as much as I love my laptop and joke that it’s my partner. I don’t think I would want to be in a “real” relationship with some pieces of metal. This just makes me think that robots are going to take over the world one day and we won’t even know they are robots because they will look like normal people and then everyone would get confused. I really hope no one in our class is a robot.

    Has our definition of what “human” is changed because of advancements in cybernetics?
    I don’t think the definition of human will change but we will just create new words for new life sources. But hopefully that won’t be for a while.

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