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Course Description


An introduction to the major theoretical traditions in the field of communication studies covering areas such as: rhetoric, mass media, interpersonal communication, critical theory, science technology and society, and feminist theory.



Objectives of the Course


At the end of this course you should be able to:


  1. Identify the key concepts of the communication theories covered in the course reading material


  1. Compare and contrast communication theories based on key concepts


  1. Demonstrate your understanding of the theoretical concepts by applying them to a social context or media text


  1. therese:

    Enjoyed the first class. I think communication is the key to humanity. I have been reading some interesting this recently about texting. Apparently for children at least, hearing their moms voice is more important than receiving a text. They need to hear the spoken work vs the inanimate words. There was also an interesting article – Landsberg: His depression and his friend, Wade Belak It’s a very poignant piece, where he talks about his regret in texting his friend to find out if he was ok instead of calling. Because of course, as the world knows, he wasnt’ ok.

  2. James:

    Communication is the most important thing and I look forward to learning how to discuss and understand it, as opposed to just using it as a means to an end. My fear, however, is that accuracy and correctness are being sacrificed today on the altar of charisma and expediency. The simple joy of communication is being lost in a jumbled morass of technology. I hope we will all resolve to work on this.

  3. Joanne:

    I like social media and texting personally, because I admit that I can’t stand talking to some people and this is a great way for me to “talk” to someone, yet not. 🙂 Facebook has enabled me to connect to people that I haven’t seen in 20 years. It has enable me to be a spectator into their life and keep in touch with someone I normally would not talk to. Seems kind of sad, but there are times when I don’t want to talk to anyone, but I am comfortable posting a comment on their wall or on a picture they have posted. 🙂

  4. Brooklyn:

    I really enjoyed the first class. I was thinking about types of communication lately, specifically texting. I personally text all the time, using my phone as a common means of communication. However, the lecture brought up the idea of creating or destroying relationships through questions of meaning, measuring reception and meaning impact. At times I have recieved a text or sent a text that was not recieved how I would have hoped. For an example, “Yes, I’m really excited for tonight” could be a genuine phrase or used in a sarcastic tone. Although technology has rapidly grown as a means of communication, it definitely has its negative aspects. Just something to think about… =)

  5. Eric:

    First of all, I’d like to say that I really enjoyed our first class. It’s a refreshing change to the other classes I have this year, more ‘math’ and ‘physics’ orientated.
    I also noticed that I had a similar issue to what Brooklyn writes in her comment – I communicate through text (either through my Iphone or through my computer) a lot and I find that often the message received is not the message I meant to send. It mostly comes from the way I tend to make my point – I often make sarcastic notes or point out something with a smile that explains to the receiver I meant the exactly opposite thing. Even people who know me very well sometimes fail to grasp the humor in the text and take a whole different meaning out of it. One great way I found making smiles and jests through none-professional communication are smiles, a “:P” smile would usually put my friends on the right track to understanding I was actually joking.

  6. Mark P:

    Started watching \Troy\ staring Brad Pitt to help study for my Greek and Romans Study class. Could you imagine living in Ancient Greece? If you had a problem with someone you didn’t talk to them, you got an army together, killed them, burnt down their town,and slept with their wife. Talk about non-verbal communication.

  7. shidashabanirad:

    I got into communication studies because it is something i truly enjoy learning. Technology has taken such a big role in every individuals life that basically just about everything in now in days revolves around communicating. There are so many ways and varieties of communication and it goes anywhere from phones to texting as some of you mentioned to media and one on one interaction. It is the most important key in my opinion tone able to master as many forms of communicating as possible since it is what connects us to everything and everyone else in the world. Our first class was really interesting and it definitely gets you thinking. I’m excited to see what this course has to offer and to keep learning as we go.

  8. Lizette:

    A New Page…

    I believe communication is at the heart of what it means to be human. We all constantly communicate (or at least try to) with everyone around us to convey our ideas, our beliefs, our needs, and our wants to our fellow man in order to make sense of our existence, our environment, or to be better understoon by others in it.

    Commnunication is tryly THE field of study that can enhance every aspect of our lives, be it personal or professional.

    I was pleasantly surprized with the presentation during our first class and by the suggested (social media focussed) communucation channels for Coms 201 for this year. It is great to see a more modern approach to this field of studies and I look forward to interact with everyone on our new Blog.

    It is going to be interesting, experiencing and taking part in creating this “New Page” for U of Calgary, Coms students.


  9. Jessica:

    Although I hate to admit it, non-verbal, digital communication is used the most for me. Most people today, including myself use texting and facebook as a way of communication because it’s almost easier. Instead of calling someone to say “hey, whats up?” you can send in in a text message and get a reply at sometime that day. However, the most important way of communication I believe is still verbal. There is nothing better, living in a world where everything is texted, than someone walking up to you and introducing themselves, face to face. And rather than sending a 3 page response through text message telling a story, wouldn’t you rather talk in person? Of course I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with asking a quick question over text or asking about someone’s day but lets not text while standing next to each other. I do love Facebook for connecting with people that you may not have seen in a while but what about calling them and asking them out for coffee to catch up?…hmm, i hope I’m not the only one.

  10. Mark P:

    Jessica, I couldn’t agree with you less. Talking sucks. I can’t download music to my I-pod, text on my Blackberry, drive, and talk all at the same same time, booooo talking, non-verbal communication all the way… Wait… is there a sarcasm key on my keyboard? Solid post.

  11. orkansuleymanov:

    i am a computer science major.But i think thah communication is so important for me in my future work life..Also i am an international student and only 17 years old, so i need “com” for my adaptation process in this country..Peolpe are so different from my country.after the first class i can say that i will learn a lot of necessary things for me..I can be a professional sciencer and simultaneously a socialbe person..Thanks..

  12. Jennifer K. Blezard:

    Communication is something that is critical to our every day survival. Whether it’s to obtain food or communicating with your partner or other loved ones, communication is in every facet of our lives. Interestingly enough, the miscommunications that occur are just as frequent. How do we get through each day when something that we thought was communicated in “black and white” terms was received in a jumble? I still think that face to face communication offers the best medium because it leaves less room for misinterpretation. Not only are our words important, our body language and tone of voice play a part in making sure the message was received. And sometimes, in spite of our own best intentions, the reception is still not what we would hope for. I’m a communications major and am looking forward to exploring the many different methods of communication through this course.

  13. christinbell:

    1 .What form of communication do you use most each day?
    At work I use e-mail the most. I find that the culture has evolved that e-mail is mostly used, even if the person sits in the office next to you.

    In my personal life I realized that I was depending too much on text messages to communicate with friends and family and have decided to call them more. I enjoy hearing their voices and having the ability to have their full attention.

    2. Do you think you are an effective communicator?
    I think that I am a more effective at communicating when I can write an e-mail. I can re-read it before sending to ensure the right message is being sent.

    3. Which is most important in your day to day interactions with other people?
    Digital, verbal, textual, or non-verbal communication?
    Depending on the relationship, but I believe that verbal and non-verbal communication is the key to maintaining relationships with your friends and family. Relationships are all based on good communication skills and the ability to communicate your feelings and needs.

  14. Kerry:

    In regards to the concepts of communication on the status of interpersonal relationships, I believe that interaction is number one. The avoidance of personal contact in our society is built upon the social construct that none of us have any time for each other, and if they do it is for personal gain. There are three types of communicators: Upper, downer and vulture. I pride myself on being a realistic upper communicator and I feel that the world is lacking in such skills that will further us as a compromising and evolving function. As a social being, without communication we become an innanimate object, much like your computer or your television screen. Why watch life when you can live it yourself? Why stand on the sidelines when it’s right in front of you? Why be a Mr. Bean?

  15. christinbell:

    The first class of Coms 201 was very interesting. I am excited to be able to use twitter and blogging to communicate with my classmates. The skills that I learn in this class will transfer and can be used in all areas of my personal and professional life.

  16. therese:

    Does Semiotics provide a useful tool for us to analyze cultural texts?

    Do you think it’s a useful approach to meaning? If so, why? If not, why not
    no. Maybe I just don’t get it but it seems awfully convoluted!

  17. yamna:

    The first class was awesome, i feel as if communication is vital in ever aspect of life and without this single trait nothing would have been possible. Not only is it a Technic we use is our day to day lives, its also considered as on of the fundamentals to survival.

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